Cleaning & Sanitizing During School Year

Cleaning & Sanitizing During School Year

We are several weeks into a new school year, and it is a school year unlike any other in modern history, because of the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. After more than six months of virtual learning, teachers and children have returned to school throughout the majority of the United States. Teachers and students, for the most part, are wearing masks in an effort to keep everyone safe. Classrooms are sanitized frequently, including desks, tables, chairs and light fixtures.


“Janitorial teams are working overtime in our school systems to keep everyone safe, and we think we can be of tremendous help out there,” stressed Richmond Advantage CEO Paul Richmond. “Never before has a sparkling clean and thoroughly disinfected facility been so important.  Keeping your facilities open during the COVID pandemic doesn’t have to be daunting.”  


Richmond Advantage carries a robust line of EPA approved disinfectants for schools to use against the virus that causes COVID. The stock of germicidal disinfectants at Richmond Advantage is plentiful, and we provide all customers with a dedicated account representative who fulfills orders on a personal and customizable basis. Our pricing is always competitive, and we have a direct pipeline to manufacturing plants that procure these products, and so we are able to proactively alert our customers when there are price fluctuations. 


“This is our contribution to keeping everyone safe. Our children are out there as well in this world. They are learning in our schools. They are shopping at stores. Our children, like yours, are trying to navigate the new normal as best as possible amid the threat of COVID-19. We want to do whatever we can to keep the children out there as healthy as possible,” said Richmond.


At Richmond Advantage, we believe that when you have appropriate cleaning and school disinfectant supplies and a stock of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), you can confidently keep your schools open for the year. 


“If you think you can get by without investing in sanitizing equipment and PPE in this day and age, you are not in touch with reality,” stressed Richmond Advantage CEO Paul Richmond. “Richmond Advantage has become a powerful ally to school systems and daycares during the pandemic. We are able to secure gloves, hand sanitizer refills, COVID-19 disinfectants, cleaning solutions, and PPE for our clients at affordable prices and in a timely manner.”


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