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Richmond Advantage is your one stop shop for all of the restaurant supplies you need to offer your customers and employees a convenient, healthy, and pleasant experience in your restaurant or food service business.

Quality Supplies For Customers

You will be able to give your customers the kind of quality they expect with a variety of restaurant staples like disposable food containers to go, made from aluminum, plastic, paper, foam, and eco-friendly alternatives such as compostable fiber containers.  Add to that plastic wraps and to go bags to conveniently allow customers to take home their to go orders, or leftovers.  Many food service businesses are doing a lot more take out orders, or are using disposable dishware even for indoor dining due to current pandemic issues.  Richmond Advantage has plenty of options for dinnerware and plasticware, cups and lids for easy serving and cleanup. Don’t forget fun extras like crayons for little guests, and novelty picks and skewers, and of course, prepackaged wet wipes for easy cleanup!

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Restaurant And Foodservice Supplies For Employees

Richmond Advantage carries everything you need to help employees give customers a great experience!  Guest checks, easy to use containers, serveware, and a variety of glove types for anyone.  

FactVantage: Why Vinyl Gloves?  Did you know some people can develop an allergy to proteins in latex?  If you have any latex sensitive staff, we have several types of alternatives.   Restaurant employees are wearing gloves even more these days due to COVID-19, be sure to stock up!  For easy and healthy clean up, check out our cleaning cards, cleaning supplies, can liners, and more!

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