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The last thing you should be worried about when running your business is whether or not the customer bathroom is stocked with essentials like paper towels. Let Richmond Advantage help take the stress out of stocking your restroom towels. We’ve got bulk, wholesale pricing on the paper towels you need so you can stock up and save! Work with a dedicated account rep at Richmond Advantage to keep you stocked up on all the consumables you need, so you can get back to the things that matter most. 

We also have automatic paper towel, soap, and bath tissue dispensers for your bathrooms and hand washing stations

What Kind of Paper Towels Fit in My Bathroom Dispenser?

Richmond Advantage conveniently stocks 3 different types of paper towels in various  sizes to fit the most common bathroom dispensers. These include:


  • Folded Towels - AKA Multifold and C-fold towels, available in 9” and 13” widths


Check your existing dispenser to determine what size and style fits. Or, if you need to upgrade your bathrooms, handwashing stations or kitchen with new paper towel dispensers, we stock brand-new automatic dispensers for roll towels.  

Why Choose Richmond Advantage?

From paper towels and toilet paper to disposable cups and to-go containers, Richmond Advantage is your source for the restaurant supplies consumables your food service business needs most. With a dedicated representative assigned to your account, we’ll help you get the best prices on bulk consumables, janitorial supplies, receipt paper and more. We’ll keep you stocked up for less so you can focus on the other challenges of running a restaurant. 

Enjoy affordable shipping nationwide, or take advantage of free delivery in the San Antonio area on orders of $50 or more!

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