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Things move fast in a commercial restaurant kitchen, and the last thing your team needs to worry about is restocking the customer bathrooms. We’ve got you covered with wholesale bath tissue for your restrooms at Richmond Advantage. Buy in bulk and save on jumbo, high-capacity rolls that last longer so your team doesn’t need to restock as frequently. Best of all, they’re soft and durable to keep your customers happy. 

Richmond Advantage is your partner for all the disposables your restaurant or catering business needs to thrive. Find all your paper products, disposable containers, cups and more here for less. Don’t forget to take advantage of free delivery on all orders of more than  $50 in the San Antonio area!

What’s the Difference Between Commercial Toilet Paper and Store-Bought Toilet Paper?

Residential toilet paper holders are all basically the same size, designed to hold ordinary toilet paper from the supermarket or big box store. But the bath tissue dispensers in your restaurant or venue might accommodate jumbo rolls or coreless rolls so they can be changed less frequently. While most household toilet paper is two-ply, some commercial toilet papers are one-ply, meaning rolls can hold a lot more toilet paper in a smaller space – even though your customers may need to use more bath tissue at a time. It all comes down to convenience for your team, so they don’t have to restock as often, and comfort for your guests. Wholesale, commercial bath tissue 

What Size of Bath Tissue Roll Fits My Dispensers?

Richmond Advantage provides three different sizes of bath tissue roll for your restaurant bathroom dispenser. In addition to the standard, conventional size, we also have jumbo jr. rolls compatible with all commercial dispensers designed for 9” diameter rolls. Along with jumbo bath tissue, we also provide the jumbo dispensers themselves! You’ll also find coreless rolls which fit into a variety of compatible dispensers. With no core, these high-capacity rolls last much longer than conventional cored rolls. 

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  1. Coreless Roll Bath Tissue, 4" x 5", 1,000 (36 Rolls Per Case)
    Coreless Roll Bath Tissue, 4" x 5", 1,000 (36 Rolls) Product #:M1000
    Coreless Roll Bath Tissue, 4" x 5", 1,000 Learn More
  2. Jumbo Jr. 3.3" x 1,000' (12 Rolls Per Case)
    Jumbo Jr. 3.3" x 1,000' (12 Rolls) Product #:1832161
    Jumbo Jr. 3.3" x 1,000', Best Seller Learn More
  3. Standard Bath Tissue 3.9" x 3.1" (96 Rolls)
    Standard Bath Tissue 3.9" x 3.1" (96 Rolls) Product #:42156
    Standard Bath Tissue 3.9" x 3.1" Learn More
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