Since the Beginning,
It's Always Been About You

Like many businesses, Richmond Advantage's roots are humble. The office was the front seat of the car and the work day consisted of selling register paper rolls door-to-door out of the trunk. When the trunk was too small, the cases moved into the backseat. When the backseat was too small, it was time to invest in the first truck of the fleet.

Richmond Advantage No 10 - Getting to Know Your Business

For over 30 years, you’ve known Richmond as a home-grown, family-owned supply company that cares deeply about customers and about community. In that time, we’ve focused on customer needs and adapting to changing times, all while understanding the values Texas businesses are looking for. After 3 decades, delivering advantages to customers is a privilege we still take seriously. We know you have a choice and we are always willing to go further to serve you.

We’ve learned a lot over the years and while trends and preferences have changed, Texas friendliness and following through on commitments are values that just don’t change with time.

What can Richmond Advantage do for you today?

Social. Distanced. Handshakes may be a thing of the past, but hand sanitizer is here to stay. You can still expect service with a smile - just safely tucked under a mask. We use PPE too so we know how fast you go through 3-ply, single use masks, hand sanitizer with moisturizers (not that bulk stuff that chaps your associates’ and client’s skin), hard surface sanitizers (EPA certified effective against COVID), and miles of disposable wipes. Of course we do social distancing... we're just friendly about it.

There's a Lot to See. If you are ordering only a few items, we invite you to browse the full catalog online. Remember, if you are taking orders, ringing up customers, serving food and drinks, mopping up, or taking out the trash, Richmond Advantage has products and pricing to help you do the job. And if you are ordering a lot of the same item, remember to ask your rep if you qualify for volume discounts.

Thank you for trusting us with your business supply needs. We are humbled by your trust, and we look forward to the next 30 years!



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