Going Green: How One Popular San Antonio Restaurant Dishes Out An Environmentally-Friendly Dining Experience

Going Green: How One Popular San Antonio Restaurant Dishes Out An Environmentally-Friendly Dining Experience

The rich, mouth-watering smell of cooked butter makes a pronounced statement as it carries across the kitchen with its distinctive sound of a comforting sizzle. Modest but delectable dollops of this foundational food staple form the base of some of the most popular dishes at Eggspectation San Antonio. For the team at this stylish, family-friendly restaurant with a focus on all things “breakfasty,” the sensory hits of a restaurant enjoying success amid the pandemic are not taken for granted.

Eggspectation Chicken and Waffles“It is a blessing to be serving great food to San Antonio once again,” stated Hector Rodriguez, Head Chef of Eggspectation San Antonio, which is located on the Frontage Road of Loop 1604 between Blanco and Stone Oak Parkway.

“During the Covid-19 shutdown in the spring of 2020 in Texas, a piece of our soul was taken away without the ability to welcome diners to eat with us at Eggspectation. But we quickly pivoted to a new normal of heavy delivery and robust curbside pick-up. And now, we’re back in the groove and the kitchen is bustling,” said Rodriguez.

Rodriguez credits two key decisions at Eggspectation with the strong resurgence for his restaurant after the pandemic shutdown. For starters, he says they always “try to stay ahead of the curve,” and that they used the shutdown to develop a revamped menu that focuses on dishes that travel well as to go and curbside offerings. Secondly, Rodriguez points to his powerful, three-year-long partnership with Richmond Advantage, which provides the bulk of the environmentally friendly consumables and cutlery for the restaurant.

Rodriguez says they observe a corporate mandate at Eggspectation San Antonio - which is part of a chain of nearly 30 restaurant-cafés nationwide- that at least 40% of all products are “green” in nature. He estimates that about 90% of the consumables at his restaurant are environmentally friendly.

“I grew up in Puerto Rico. I’m a water baby. We shouldn’t be creating unnecessary waste as a society. I try and help where I can,” stresses Rodriguez, who notes that all to-go consumables are environmentally-friendly at Eggspectation San Antonio with the exception of aluminum pans.

“We’re now easily using twice as much product from Richmond Advantage, because more of our business is to go and curbside,” said Rodriguez, who raved about the environmentally-friendly, molded fiber, clamshell to-go containers sourced by Richmond Advantage.

“Our tacos look great in there. Our Benedicts look amazing in there. We created menu items that fit perfectly in those containers. The presentation is phenomenal.”

The Heavenly Crepe at Eggspectation looks, well, HEAVENLY!

Eggspectation Shrimp and Grits

Eggspectation Avocado Benedict

The eco-friendly, hinged lid containers that Richmond Advantage supplies to Eggspectation are made from a molded-fiber material commonly referred to as Bagasse. Bagasse is a byproduct of sugarcane production and is the raw material that remains after sugarcane stalks are crushed to extract their juice.


“Bagasse products are durable, with a high tolerance for heat,” notes Richmond Advantage CEO Paul Richmond. “These products are FDA approved for food contact. They meet the requirements for certifiable compostability, and they have a natural texture and feel. For our customers wanting to go green, these products offer a dynamic eco-friendly solution.”

Rodriguez says the containers single-handedly sustain the magic of the most popular dish at Eggspectation, a dish resplendent with a medley of colors, textures, and flavor components. “Our shrimp and grits looks as good in that to-go container as it does served in the restaurant.”


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