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Thermal Paper Rolls

POS paper rollsWhile we do live in a digital age, POS paper rolls, specifically thermal paper rolls, are still an essential part of almost all businesses for printing receipts. As a business owner or operator, you can maximize value and cut overhead expenses with consistent deliveries of thermal paper rolls in bulk—which is exactly what we offer.

Receipt Paper

When a transaction is completed on a cash register, the credit card machine or point-of-sale system creates physical records on the POS paper. The printer then transfers information to thermal paper rolls in a specific width so that all information shows up without being cut off. 

This means that you, as a business owner, need to determine the best width, length, and type of thermal paper for your POS paper printer.

The best way to do this is to measure a roll that’s already in your receipt printer, getting a clear measurement of the dimensions and material composition of the POS paper. The size of the thermal paper rolls used is very important, and remember—impact and thermal printers all require different types of paper rolls in order to print receipts that are clear and easy-to-read.

Most register POS paper roll widths range from:

  • 44 millimeters to
  • 2 ¼ inches to
  • 2 ¾ inches to
  • 3 inches.

The roll lengths of thermal paper rolls typically start at 95 feet but can be as long as 435 feet.

Thermal paper rolls are thermochromic, which is to say, they change color based on heat. Digital printing on this type of paper is achieved with selective heating by a thermal print head, rather than with an ink ribbon. For credit card machine printers that do not use thermal printing, bond paper rolls are required instead.

Thermal Printing—A High-Tech Invention

POS paper rollsWhen completing a purchase, do you ever really consider how the information on your receipt got there? Probably not, and you shouldn’t have to—POS paper printer is supposed to be seamless and consistent, and with thermal paper rolls, there aren’t any problems like running out of ink, jamming, etc.

The technology behind this is actually amazing. Thermal paper rolls are coated with various materials that change color according to the application of heat. Most thermal paper rolls do this with a solid-state mixture of dyes, sensitizers, developers, and stabilizers.

Our thermal paper rolls, like any special fine paper, is made specifically for digital printing, it retards dust, and is created in a size and weight that allows it to run smoothly and consistently through a POS device. 

How It Works

This form of POS paper involves a matrix of dyes precision-coated to the paper itself, usually a mixture of Fluoran and Leuco, allowing for a shifting of chemical states resulting in either color or transparency depending on heat application.

Sensitiers like ether molecules are added to the chemical matrix to match the temperature of the printer head, which also helps the chemicals mix. The chemicals melt at about 212 degrees.

Finally, thermal POS paper is designed for longevity with a protective coating which focuses the heat from the printer head onto a specific point on the paper, giving it that high-resolution imaging. This protective coating also reduces wear on the printer head. Finally, it preserves the paper from damage from UV light, oils, water, etc.

Thermal Printing Has Been Around Longer Than You Might Think

The first thermal print head was developed in 1965, although its use was limited to industrial needs. 

It wasn’t until the 1970s that barcode manufacturers began using thermal printers—supermarkets found thermal paper rolls and thermal printing to be an extremely reliable and inexpensive way to print receipts for consumers. 

Thermal Paper Rolls Have A Wide Range Of Uses

POS paper rollsThis form of POS paper is actually very versatile and is used in many different industries. POS machines, ATM machines, cash registers, lottery tickets, parking tickets, medical records—all of these use thermal paper and thermal printing.

What You Need To Know About BPA

The vast majority of thermal paper rolls contain BPA. You’ve probably heard a lot about it and there’s a lot of misinformation going around, so let’s break it down.

BPA is an inorganic acid used to develop the images and text on POS paper rolls. It’s also a compound found in many different foods and items in your daily life, and it’s something consumers should know more about.

Yes, it’s true that overexposure to BPA can be hazardous. But keep in mind that overexposure to anything is potentially hazardous.

Studies by the European Union and National Institute of Health have found that the quantities of BPA most people come into contact with are harmless and pass through the body without causing any damage.

Are POS paper recipes that use BPA safe to handle? Consider this—people who handle receipts the most (cashiers) have an average BPA intake of 71 micrograms. That’s 1/4th of the amount of intake that would pass as safe. This is why most health organizations are simply ot concerned with BPA—cashiers are safe to handle POS paper throughout a full shift, so your occasional handling of POS paper is not a concern when it comes to your health.

POS Paper Rolls - Bond

Buy Bulk Paper Rolls By The Case!

POS paper rollsWe sell POS paper rolls by the case in quantities ranging from 10 to 100 rolls.

This is what makes us one of the most trusted distributors of POS paper rolls in San Antonio and surrounding areas—businesses vary in scale when it comes to how much printer paper they need, and many businesses have a range of usage rates depending on their departments. This makes it necessary to order different amounts of various types of POS paper rolls.

We make it easy. Our representatives get to know your business and its needs, and we can help you determine the duration of time and/or number of transactions it will take to use up a paper roll and we can adjust your orders so you never run out.

Single Or Multi-Ply POS Paper Rolls

Many different receipt printers can use one-ply POS paper rolls, which come in widths ranging from 44 mm to 3 inches and lengths of 95-165 feet.

Choose from a wide variety of colors, including:

  • White
  • Canary
  • Pink
  • Green

Create multiple copies of transaction records easily on carbonless, multi-ply POS paper rolls—these are compatible with most impact printers, and the ribbon can generate enough pressure to transfer information onto one or more additional sheets of paper.

Richmond Advantage offers all of the POS paper rolls you need, from one and multi-ply paper to thermal paper rolls to keep your business up and running.

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