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Each container features comprehensive instructions for your staff and a QR code to read the Safety Data Sheet for proper use. We make it easy to get the right products and use them the right way for the best results.

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Where should I Store Cleaning Chemicals?

Cleaning chemicals should be properly stored in a separate location away from food prep and food storage areas, like a janitor’s closet. Be sure to keep chemicals clearly labeled and sorted for easy identification so chemicals don’t get mixed up. Don’t store chemicals any higher than eye level, as reaching up for them on higher shelves is more likely to lead to dangerous spills. 

What Cleaning Chemicals Should Never be Mixed?

Some cleaning chemicals, especially bleach, can create toxic or corrosive reactions when mixed together. Bleach mixed with vinegar produces toxic chlorine gas, bleach mixed with ammonia produces harmful chloramine gas and bleach mixed with toilet bowl cleaner will also release toxic fumes into the air. Finally, never mix different drain cleaners as they can produce toxic gas when mixed together. This gas can create heat and pressure which can damage or even detonate inside your pipes.   

How Do I Properly Dispose of Cleaning Chemicals

In the event that you need to get rid of cleaning chemicals before you can use them up, consult the SDS (Safety Data Sheet) with the product for disposal. Water-soluble chemicals can simply be poured down the drain and flushed with water. However, some chemicals like drain cleaners and oven degreasers may need to be disposed of separately – either in the regular trash or as hazardous waste. Refer to your waste disposal company to determine how hazardous waste can be safely disposed of.

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