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Save on wholesale garbage can liners when you buy in bulk from Richmond Advantage! We have a variety of sizes and types to suit your needs and correctly fit your receptacles, including sanitary napkin receptacles

Use the information below to find the bags that are right for you. Choosing the right trash bags is essential for preventing spills and keeping your kitchen running smoothly. 

What’s The Difference Between High-Density and Low-Density Can Liners?

High-density can liners are more crinkly and noisy, similar to a typical grocery bag. They’re best suited for everyday office and restroom trash without sharp objects. They can carry more weight before breaking. By contrast, low-density trash bags are quieter and stretchier. They’re ideal for kitchen and yard waste where sharp objects could puncture the bag and make a mess! Low-density bags will stretch where high-density bags might rip open. Whether you choose high or low density, the thicker the material, the stronger the trash bag.

What Size of Liner Fits My Trash Can?

STEP 1: Determine the Width of Your Can Liner

For Round Trash Receptacles: 

  • Width of bag required = Diameter of receptacle x 3.14 divided by 2. (Diameter = the distance across the top of the receptacle.) 
  • Length of bag required = Half of the diameter + height of the receptacle + 4” 20 6” for overhang.

For Square or Rectangular Receptacles:

  • Width of bag required = length of two sides
  • Length of bag required = Half of the diameter + height of the receptacle + 4” 20 6” for overhang.

STEP 2: Determine the Height of your Can Liner

Measure the height of your trash can receptacle. Add four inches for overhang plus half the width (or diameter) to cover the bottom of the can. 

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