Stock Up on San Antonio Paper Rolls To Stay Ready for Business

Stock Up on San Antonio Paper Rolls To Stay Ready for Business

Paper rolls are essential for printing receipts for sales. Whether the receipt printers at your business use one-ply paper or thermal paper, you as an owner or operator can maximize value and cut overhead expenses by ordering our supplies in quantity. If you need paper roll products, we have the San Antonio paper rolls you need.

Paper Rolls for Receipts

San Antonio Paper RollsAs an employee performs a transaction with a cash register, credit card machine or point-of-sale system, the receipt printer creates one or more physical records. Register printers use rolls of paper with a precise width for printing out receipts. As a business owner or operator you should determine the width, ideal length and type of paper a printer uses before ordering our paper roll products in San Antonio. You can choose from several types of paper, such as rolls of basic one-ply paper, two-ply or three-ply, or thermal paper.

Check Measurements and Composition

The most important factors to keep in mind when ordering register paper rolls are the dimensions and material composition of the replacement paper. Confirm the specifications of a receipt printer, including the size of the paper rolls used and the printing method. Impact, inkjet and thermal printers require different types of register paper rolls in order to print receipts that are clear and easy to read.

A simple way to determine the width of the paper roll to re-order is to take precise measurements of a current register roll. Some of the most standard register paper roll widths range from 44 millimeters to 2 1/4 inches, 2 3/4 inches and 3 inches. Roll lengths start around 95 feet and go up to as long as 435 feet. Paper rolls for ATMs are often even longer. The most affordable way to get all of the paper rolls you need for the foreseeable future is to order cases of paper roll products in San Antonio’s from us. Richmond Advantage is one of the leading suppliers in the business.

In addition to checking the measurements of register rolls, business owners and operators should also be sure to order the right paper type. Base paper is a common cash register paper intended to be impact printed with a standard register ribbon. Carbonless receipts can create anywhere from one to three exact copies of a transaction record printed on an impact printer.

Thermal register paper is thermochromic, and it is intended for digital printing with selective heating by a thermal print head instead of an ink ribbon. This printing paper is typically used in credit card processing and POS systems. Credit card machine printers that are not equipped with thermal printing technology tend to call for the use of bond paper rolls.

Buy Our Paper Rolls by the Case

San Antonio Paper RollsAt Richmond Advantage in San Antonio, paper roll products are sold by the case in quantities that range from 10 rolls to 100 rolls. As a business owner and operator, you can get the best deal from us locally.

If you own or operate an enterprise that uses several different types of register printers and paper across departments, your rates of usage may vary; this can make it necessary to order different amounts of each type of paper. With us, that's easy! Simply determine the duration of time or number of transactions it takes to go through a paper roll of a particular length and adjust orders accordingly.

Purchasing the types of receipt paper your business uses the most in bulk offers the best value and can ensure that supplies of register paper rolls do not run low during busy seasons. At Richmond Advantage in San Antonio, paper roll products are often most affordable in larger supplies.

Single or Multi-Ply Register Paper

One-ply register paper is suitable for a wide variety of receipt printers. These paper rolls come in widths ranging from 44 millimeters to 3 inches and lengths from 95 feet to 165 feet. You can also choose from a variety of colors such as standard white, canary, pink and green. Rolls of virgin bond one-ply paper in a 3-inch width are also available.

Register printers can also create multiple copies of transaction records on carbonless, multi-ply register paper. Our multi-ply paper rolls are compatible with most impact printers. The pressure generated by the ribbon during printing should be enough to transfer a copy onto one or more additional sheets.

With Richmond Advantage, you can choose from two-ply tape in widths from 44 millimeters up to 3 inches or three-ply tape that has a 3-inch width. These multi-ply paper rolls come in color combinations such as white and canary yellow or white, yellow and pink. This type of receipt paper creates clear transfers across layers to duplicate transaction records.

Thermal Paper Rolls

San Antonio Paper RollsCredit card machines or POS systems that have thermal printers require thermal paper rolls. Thermal printers tend to cost more than impact printers, but we've seen a growing number of businesses prefer this type of printer because of the speed and print quality. These printers do not require ink or toner. It is essential to use thermochromatic paper in a thermal receipt printer.

Thermal paper has a fine thickness suitable for digital printing, which occurs as it passes over a thermal print head. At Richmond Advantage in San Antonio, paper roll products are available in either white or canary yellow. Standard thermal paper ranges in widths from 38 millimeters up to 4 5/16 inches, and roll lengths are available from 40 feet up to 435 feet.

Why Order Our San Antonio Paper Roll Products

Whether your business needs to source rolls of single-ply white or colored receipt paper, carbonless paper or thermal paper, it is possible to source any quantity of these types of paper rolls from Richmond Advantage, your local supplier of business consumables.

We fulfill orders of paper rolls accurately and on time. With our paper rolls, San Antonio businesses can benefit from free delivery on orders over $50. Our register rolls and other supplies are delivered where needed rather than just being dropped at the door.

If you own or operate an enterprises that requires a consistent supply of one or more types of receipt paper for daily operations, you should check out the options from the leading supplier of paper roll products, San Antonio’s Richmond Advantage.

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