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TRA Marketplace 2021!

Thank You Customers! After a year of challenges, the TRA Marketplace was an overdue chance to show you how much we appreciate you. Visitors stopped by for fun and prizes, including a 70" TV and $2,700 Orbital Floor machine! We also handed out vouchers with free food deals from MadDogs, Little Rhein Prost Haus, Bier Garten, Maddy McMurphy's Irish Sports Bar, and The Frosty Dog Frozen Drinks, plus a free Republic Rita deal from The Republic of Texas Restaurant.

What is TRA? After three years, the largest foodservice show in the Southwest returned to San Antonio live and back in person! This conference and trade show dazzled visitors with stunning and interactive displays, state of the science products and equipment, cutting edge technology and the latest news, trends and advice from dynamic industry leaders. Thousands of restaurateurs, chefs, and industry executives attended.

See you at TRA!


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