"I would like to thank RICHMOND for all the services they offer us. The merchandise always come as ordered without problem at all... – Local Restaurant/Bar

They’re really organized with the service they offer to the customer. Is super excellent and they’re very kind and respectful. I have the pleasure to talk with a specific person from the company that always gives us a good deal. Always on time with the products and they keep us updated of any kind of change. We thank you very much for your kindness"


"I love working with this small business and family-owned company. The employees are friendly and nice to work with... – Tina Michelle Smith, Allen Tharpe Warehouse Manager

...They have good pricing on products and go on getting your products out to in a timely matter. Love this company!"


"I just want to say thank you to Richmond and Norma for all the support we receive... – Adam Nevarez, Pizza Patron Area Director

...Norma gets things done and is very responsive. She makes my job easier. Thank you, Norma!!"


"I have been working with Norma Diaz and Richmond Advantage for seven years and their service and professionalism are terrific... – Paola Fernandez, Sushi Seven General Manager

...While we have never had any problem with Richmond Advantage service, I am left confident if we did, they would resolve any issues promptly."


One of our Dairy Queen locations was left suddenly without cutlery from their food distributor... Dairy Queen

...We were able to ship multiple cases to her. As a result, she also asked about other items she was having difficulty with and we were also able to help her with gloves and cup holder trays.


Richmond Advantage went above and beyond to get the correct cups to him before his restaurant opened the next day... Local Restaurant

...after a manager mistakenly ordered a clear cup rather than the foam cups needed for to-go orders.


A Richmond Advantage team member met the customer within an hour of their phone call... Family-Run Bar in San Marcos

...with supply to get their kitchen back on track after a family-run bar and restaurant in San Marcos found themselves completely out of paper rolls for their kitchen tickets in the middle of a Friday night rush.  


Customer needed cutlery kits as their food distributor was completely out of their custom-made stock.... Multi-Chain Franchise

...As a result of Richmond's ability to help, client encouraged other locations to reach out, solving a temporary company-wide shortage.


Grateful for help setting up negotiated pricing on specific items... Food Truck Customer

...Customer returned with her food truck business after having ordered from Richmond while working at a previous establishment. Her Customer Representative helped her get set up with negotiated pricing on the items she needed. She was very grateful for the help and referred her friends, some of whom placed orders.


A large restaurant here in San Antonio unexpectedly found themselves without gloves from their regular supplier... Large Local Restaurant

...Not only meeting the immediate glove needs for a very large staff, Richmond also provided a surplus supply to this restaurant, which completely relieved the crisis caused by their regular supplier's outage.


Understanding with no pressure... New Customer

...A new customer summarized his experience saying, not only that the employee knew what she was talking about, but also that she listened to him talk without pushing him towards products he didn’t need.


Paper Rolls and Blaster Labels researched and sourced affordably... Owner of a Large Pizza Restaurant

...When he could no longer source paper rolls and blaster labels from his usual resource, Richmond Advantage researched, sent samples, and sourced both at affordable prices.


Relieved to find a consistent reliable source that delivers.... Local Customer

...A brand-new customer relayed being very grateful to find Richmond Advantage as she was getting alarmingly low on PPE and surface disinfectants. She was delighted to find a consistent, reliable source that delivers, so she could avoid driving around town looking for face masks and cleaning supplies.


On-site demonstration of various hand sanitizers... Local Customer

...A visit from a customer representative resulted in a customer calling in to discuss the pros and cons of different hand sanitizers. The customer decided to visit Richmond Advantage, and, impressed by the custom presentation and quality of the product, placed his first order immediately.


Impressed by hand sanitizer at another customer's business... Hand Sanitizer Customer

...Accustomed to bad-smelling sanitizers, this customer experienced Richmond Advantage sanitizer at a local restaurant. Now he lets all his clients know that he gets his hand sanitizer from Richmond.


Easy online ordering... Local Ministry

...Customer purchased a local ministry with a long history of serving the surrounding community and called in needing assistance placing her first order online. CSR helped set up her account, answered product-based questions, and walked her through using her web portal.


Paper-roll customer reached out to sponsor back-to-school kits... Community Minded

...A customer who regularly orders paper rolls reached out to purchase sanitizing wipes and personal protection kits to help prepare kids getting ready to go back to school in his local community.


Everything you need to open... Non-Profit

...A long-term Richmond Advantage customer who runs a local non-profit organization referred a close friend for sanitation supplies - especially hand sanitizer - in preparation for opening. Richmond Advantage supplied him hand sanitizer, dispensers, stands, sanitizing wipes, surface disinfectant, and more.


Appreciative of hands-on service... Multiple Building Owner

...Referred by a close contact of the owner, customer reached out with an immediate need for hand sanitizer, dispensers, and stands for his buildings. After exploring the website, customer reviewed options with customer service representative. After receiving explanatory texts and pictures, customer was appreciative for the hands-on assistance.


Received a special glove deal via email... Needed Disposal Gloves

...A first-time customer was extremely happy to have gotten an email regarding a special on disposable gloves. They were in desperate need and so relieved to have found a quality resource at a good price.


Thankful for sanitizing wipes during back-to-school... Grandma

...Customer was thankful to find a great deal on sanitizing wipes, now that all her grandkids were headed back to in-person learning.


Hard-to-find vinyl gloves are a life saver... Andi at a Sandwich Franchise

...Andi, from a local sandwich franchise, called her Richmond Representative a life saver for supplying hard-to-find vinyl gloves. 


Loves check-ins and products put away rather than stacked at the door... Chain Restaurant Manager

...A manager from a local chain restaurant says she loves Richmond Advantage because she gets pro-active check-in calls and Richmond drivers always put her products where they belong, rather than leaving them stacked at her door.


Lower-priced gloves delivered next day before noon... Restaurant Chain Purchasing Agent

...When their regular glove provider was suddenly unable to fill their order, a customer in charge of purchasing for a large restaurant chain called Richmond for an acceptable substitute at a lower price, and had a large order delivered the next day before noon.


Regular professional customer excited to buy sanitizing wipes for back-to-school... Buying for Home

...A business customer with children going back to school was very excited to purchase sanitizing wipes - which are safe for personal hygiene - for her children’s backpacks. Richmond extended free next business day delivery to her as an individual and dropped the wipes off to her at work the next day.


Keeping gym equipment sanitized without a mess... Apartment Management Group

...An apartment management group found Richmond's sanitizing wipes to be a great solution for their residents' gym and common areas. They were specifically encouraged by the 30-60 second kill time as it is helping those in their community keep gym equipment sanitized without causing a great deal of mess.


New mangager benefits from notes and purchase history review... Bakery Manager

...A bakery experiencing significant employee turnover in the past months hired a new manager to take over operations. Thanks to Richmond's standard of documenting custom interactions, their representative was able to review their entire product and purchase history and provide context for past buying decisions. 



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