Restaurant Supplies

Shop at Richmond Advantage for all the restaurant supplies you need in San Antonio, TX. From children’s cups and place mats to disposable containers and cutlery, we provide all the supplies you need for your dining establishment.

Richmond Advantage is one of the top distributors of restaurant supplies. We stock well over 1,000 restaurant items such as cash register paper rolls, guest checks, waiter pads, children’s crayons and kid menu’s, plastic kid’s cups, napkins, paper towels, facial tissue, can liners, disposable cutlery and vinyl gloves.

Why vinyl gloves? Frequent users of latex gloves can develop allergies to latex protein. We stock premium vinyl gloves in four sizes. Premium vinyl gloves are made from Synthetic Thermoplastic Polymers, are completely hypoallergenic and are ideal for food handing, assembly, inspection and generalized cleaning applications. Our gloves are available in lightly powdered or powder-free varieties.

We have a full line of disposable cutlery utensils and accessories that will exceed your expectations and improve your bottom line. Choose either bulk, individually wrapped, pre-packaged kits or customize your own kits with any combination, weight or color of utensils.

Our friendly customer service specialists are standing by to assist you with any question you may have about our restaurant supply items, call us at (210) 650-9500.


Are your clients walking out of your restaurant with reminders to come again? They should be taking home your brand on napkins, cocktail napkins, cups and more.

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