POS Supplies Have Come A Long Way

POS Supplies Have Come A Long Way

It All Begins With The Commercial Calculator

POS SuppliesThe first commercial calculator was built after Charles Xavier Thomas invented the “Arithmometer”, which was the go-to calculator of the late 19th century, and remained in production until 1915.

The arithmometer was the first digital mechanical calculator that was advanced and effective enough to be used in daily office life. 

While it had its advantages, it didn’t take long for mathematicians to begin improving upon its design, further making possible the kinds of POS supplies we see and take for granted today.

With the invention of the key-driven adding machine along with the “Scheutz Difference Engine”, the first printing calculator was created. After that, the “Pin-Wheel” calculator would become the main principle of calculation used by calculating machines.

As the years went on, mathematicians would continue to make improvements on key-driven adding machines until finally, the first 10-key calculator would be invented in 1902. From that time to 1975, the world saw a rapid growth in adding machines, with the development of electrical calculators and size reductions for increased efficiency and functionality.

The Cash Register

POS SuppliesGoing off the principles behind burgeoning calculator technology, the first cash register was eventually created.

Interestingly enough, the main reason for the invention of the cash register was to prevent theft, but today it has become one of the most pivotal forms of POS supplies in its ability to calculate pricing, produce receipts for customers, as well as generate reports for business owners and operators.

Rather than being a mere adding device, the cash register would go on to be a total Point Of Sale (POS) service center, utilizing scales, magnetic strip readers, touchscreens, and many other options.

Integration With Personal Computers

In the 1990s, with the rise of personal computers, retail stores saw full automation and enhanced functionality by incorporating PC software along with their cash registers. 

Take a look at the advanced technology behind the POS supplies and systems you come across every day as you travel your city and make your purchases—mag strips and chip readers designed into small computers that automatically generate information, offer tip options, receipt options (which can simply be emailed to you), and electronic signatures have streamlined the buying and selling process for consumers and business owners.

These modern POS systems, with their calculator and PC integration all stem from Charles Xavier Thomas’s Arithmometer in the 19th century.

POS Supplies & Systems You Need To Run Your Business

pos suppliesPOS supplies range from simple cash registers to more complex and convenient transaction methods. There are in fact hundreds of software vendors creating software for POS that run on many kinds of machines and operating systems (with Windows variations moniating the industry). 

While many companies are going more digital, the need for physical POS supplies like thermal paper rolls are still in demand and will be for the foreseeable future.

Richmond Advantage has the POS supplies you need to keep your business up and running smoothly. Our representatives get to know your business needs and deliver orders—including POS paper rolls and printer supplies—consistently and on time.

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