60 Gallon Can Liners, 38" x 58" (100 Liners)

60 Gallon Can Liners, 38" x 58", Black, 1.5 Mil, Low Density, Super Heavy

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Low Density refers to a more flexible blend of polyethylene. Low Density blends also typically have a lower melting point and are more transparent. Low density liners are designed to resist punctures and tears.

Star Sealed bottom seams are the mark of a quality bag. In production, the bottom of the liner is folded over multiple times in a way that allows the bag to conform to the shape of the trash can, effectively eliminating leaks.

Bag descriptions often include a measurement for Mic or Mil. These terms refer to the thickness of the bag, based on that bag’s blend of materials, and essentially become a gauge for the strength of the bag.
Mic, or Micron, is a unit of the Metric system and equals 1/1,000 of a millimeter.
Mils, by contrast, equal 1/1,000 of an inch.

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Low Density Can Liners are recommended for glass and sharper objects under tougher transport conditions. Low density liners have good resistance to puncture and excellent resistance to tearing. This versatile can liner is perfect for bars, kitchens, and outdoor venues.

When choosing a can liner, the bag’s measurements are taken from length and width when lying flat. A proper fit will equal your trash can’s height + 3” to allow for overhang, and your trash can’s circumference divided in half.


Application / Usage Office Waste / Industrial Trash
Bag Height 58 Inches
Bag Length 38 Inches
Capacity 60 Gallons
Color Black
Density Low Density
Mic / Mil 1.5 Mil
Package/Shipping Weight 18
Packed 100 bags per case
Seal Star Seal
Units of Measure CS


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